Julie Lyles Carr: Another Boy...

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another Boy...

Yes, I have been mothering a long, long time.
Yes, I am the mother not only to this two-year-old boy, but also to two other boys.

And I am the sister to two brothers.

So the boy thing is not some kind of colossal surprise to me.

But this boy, this boy, with his need to hear things crash and shatter and break and splinter and fracture and rupture, yes, this boy is a revelation to me.


We found him throwing eggs in the kitchen.

We were alerted by the giggles that were issuing from his delighted larynx...


...and from the fact that we slid on egg white when we rounded the corner in the kitchen to see what he was giggling about...


And this was after he broke one of my remaining few matched set of drinking glasses. And after he broke my pretty stone coasters. And after he pulled an entire casserole dish to the floor. And after he cleared an entire coffee table of such detritus as coffee cups and books and the like.

Which was after he got the milk out of the fridge...by himself.

He's quite the aerobics instructor, I must admit...

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