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Monday, November 9, 2009

A Frog Apart...

I'm no judge of frog flesh, so I suppose I wouldn't know one way of the other.

But my sons assure me that this is Burt, a frog they rescued earlier in the summer.

They say that he is now living in the front yard, housed in our sprinkler valve box.
Except that they also tell me he is a toad, not a frog.


They tell me they know this is Burt because he has some distinguishing characteristics.

Which is funny.

Because, to me, he looks very similar to the other two frogs toads living in the sprinkler valve box. But I don't have the depth of reptile relationship with him that the boys do. So I suppose I should just trust their identification process.


And, besides, I want to be very supportive of Burt as an Octamom pet. Because any creature that lives in the sprinkler valve box and feeds itself and deals with its own litter box needs is a great Octamom pet candidate.

I'm all about self-sufficient, outside living pets.

Burt, you rock.

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