Julie Lyles Carr: Girl Language

Monday, November 16, 2009

Girl Language

So I happened upon an amazing clearance sale a couple of weeks ago and came home with a bagful of shoes for around $24.

I know.

It was amazing.

I was showing off the red heels and the black heels and the little strappy pair to my older girls and The Diva, 6 of 8, when my eight year old son, 5 of 8 came strolling into the room.

"What are you doing?" he asked in his scratchy Elmer Fudd voice. "Why are there all these shoes around? What's so exciting about that?"

"Ah," 6 of 8 intoned, in a superior and exasperated tone. "Look, 5 of 8, this is girl language and you don't understand girl language and girl language is all about the shoes."

I hope 5 of 8 is taking notes on 6 of 8's girl insights. Because he could be a lot further down the field than most guys if he'll just pay attention.

It's all about the shoes.

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