Julie Lyles Carr: Snack-O-Rama

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Seems I opened up a can of worms when I posted about my homemade snack packs.
In a good way. A good can of worms.

I'm mixing my metaphor again, aren't I?

You can tell me. I can take it.

Maybe I mean a can of gummy worms.

Several of you inquired as to what I was putting in those homemade snack packs and were looking for some suggestions. Let's compile a little list here, shall we?

Now before we begin, let the record show that the following healthy list is not meant to indicate that my children never ingest red dye #40, high fructose corn syrup and Cheddar Goldfish.

'Cuz they do.

But I do try to offer healthier stuff as well. And they do actually eat it. That said:

1. Pumpkin seeds. My kids are crazy for them. I buy them in bulk at a local whole foods store called Sprouts. Inhale. My kids inhale them. I buy the roasted/lightly salted.

2. Yogurt pretzels. Another top fav. I put 10 pretzels per snack bag as these goodies do have some sugar.

3. Roasted peas. You haven't seen these? They are delicious, again, another bulk purchase. Crunchy, salty, in the shape of a vegetable. I don't know how much vegetable is actually left after the roasting, but at least my kids are in the habit of eating vegetable-shaped snacks. It makes me feel virtuous.

4. Roasted edamame. I try to buy organic and lightly salted. Another team favorite.

5. Mixed nuts. Good protein, good nutrition, healthy fats.

6. String cheese--and, yea, I go on and pay up a bit for the individual packaging on this one.

7. Yogurt with active cultures. Strawberry and banana seem to be the top contenders.

8. Chili corn nuts, again a bulk purchase at Sprouts.

I'm sure you all have your favorite snack items for the kidlets as well--so let's do a little community gathering, shall we? I have a new widget embeded in this post that will allow you to 'thumbs up' my snack choices or 'thumbs down' my selections and you can also add your own favs. Put your opinionated contribution in the widget box and let's have a snack-o-rama! Also, I get a lot of questions about what curriculum and resources we use for homeschooling. So I'm going to put that in the widget as well--share your favorites when it comes to tutoring and schooling the kids! Just click the little rectangle that says "Suggest a new item for the Favorites List" and share your wisdom!

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