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Thursday, November 19, 2009

To Tell the Tooth...

After I posted that little photo montage of 6 of 8's first Tooth Fairy encounter, I had some questions from readers that I thought were thought-provoking...hence my thought.

I'm circular in my thinking like that.

Esoterica aside, the questions took the form of a central theme: what do you do with the teeth the 'Tooth Fairy' collects?


That's been my goal.

Periodontal posterity.

Back in the day when I shot chemical film, I stored the first two or three kids' dental detritus in empty film canisters, secreted far back in the confines of my favorite antique armoire.

Have I ever told you the story of my favorite antique armoire? You know, the year Mike and I were super, ah, frugal at Christmas and we gave my favorite brother-in-law and his wife placemats? And they gave us two gorgeous English antique armoires, one smaller and one larger?

I haven't told you that story yet?

I'll get to it, one of these days.

Anyhow, the removed teeth used to be stored in individual containers deep in the favorite armoire.

But I didn't label them.

And I kept them straight by keeping them in a certain sequence on the shelf in the armoire.

But then I forgot what the sequence was.

Which meant I forgot who's film canister was whose.

And I'm pretty sure I've tackled that whole who's/whose debacle correctly.


So now I simply have lots of teeth secreted lots of places.

One or two in the change compartment of my wallet.

The one I carried a couple of years ago.

And there are some collections in a variety of bowls and vases, ensconced on mantels and various shelves. And there are a couple in my makeup drawer, behind that collection of eye shadows that was bought on the spur of a moment, that moment when I forgot once again that my eyes are, in fact, green and not blue. That eye shadow collection.

So I suppose the answer I am giving is that, yes, I do collect my children's teeth and no, there is not a real system or organization to that collection.

And so now, I want to hear from you.

Do you keep the dental cast-offs of childhood? Do you have your own baby teeth? Do you have your children's baby teeth kept in silver boxes or is your system more, um, instinctive? Does the Tooth Fairy visit your house or have you given up an pretense of dental DNA digest?

Speak up, you conveyors of the tradition.

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