Julie Lyles Carr: Wordful Wednesday, 1 of 8 Style

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordful Wednesday, 1 of 8 Style

I'm trying to get better at sharing.
I really am.

But when it comes to my Canon, I'm a little, uh, careful.

As in, Canon 40Ds are expensive. And it was for my anniversary. And I'm a little intense about my cameras.

But every now and then I do try to let one of the older kids do a little shutterbug action. I was being very brave and very unselfish the other day when I let 1 of 8 click off a few frames.

Which was worth it.

For example:


I love the way she captured 8 of 8's constant motion and ever-present (mostly) smile.

And then she snapped this one of 2 of 8:


So sharing can be a good thing.

As long as I make her keep the strap around her neck. And I don't let her move. And I ask her fourteen times if she is hanging on to the camera.

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