Julie Lyles Carr: The Christmas Card

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Christmas Card

It's a point of honor with me, one standard that I hold only myself to.
I don't expect it of you.


But I do try to get my Christmas card out each year before Thanksgiving. Because if it doesn't happen by then, it's probably not going to.

But if you would like to interpret my OCD Christmas card delivery as a sign of high organization and remarkable discipline, you're welcome to.

You'd be wrong.

But I would come off looking pretty good.


So here's the family photo that graces this year's card:


And here's the one that Mike really wanted to send out:


Not much difference, you say? Well, let me help you out:

family photo arrows

That would be 3 of 8--and, believe me, this photo will be used for blackmail purposes...

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