Julie Lyles Carr: Christmas Debrief

Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Debrief

xmas09 a
I'm still figuring out the whole traveling-Christmas thing.

Mainly trying to figure out how to have enough energy to throw a Christmas for our nuclear family once we arrive back in town from celebrating with all the extended family.

And the best solution I've come up with so far is serious caffeine abuse.

It'll have to do for now.

xmas 09 b

We scooted home just ahead of a major blizzard that hit the Midwest on Christmas Eve, arriving back to temperatures in the 70's...which were replaced the next day by a cold front.

Serious cold.

But no snow here.

In contrast to the 10 inches my extended family experienced.

xmas 09 c

After a flurry of wrapping and digging out hidden 'assets' and frantic runs to packed stores for reams of batteries, Christmas morning dawned bright and clear...and early.

5 of 8 is a great sleeper...except on Christmas Eve. He crept into our bedroom around 3 am, ready to check out whatever might be under the tree.

We made him wait a bit.

As in, 5 more hours.

xmas 09 d

We tried to slow down the gift-unwrapping carnage by playing 'Santa Bingo'. It still managed to be a ticker-tape parade of ribbon and paper, packages and bit and pieces.

And fun.

xmas 09 e

I guess Santa didn't get the memo. We ended up with yet more stuffed animals. I'm not sure how this happens every year.

xmas 09 f

8 of 8 has developed a serious candy cane dependency.


xmas 09 f

All in all, Santa was able to pull it out of the bag, so to speak. Although I think he drank a whole pot of coffee to do so. And he may have needed a serious nap. But still.

xmas 09 g

And 5 of 8? Well, he was rewarded for his Christmas Eve watch duty.

Merry Christmas to all.

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