Julie Lyles Carr: Da Boy...and Da Girl...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Da Boy...and Da Girl...

Being a photographer and all, you would think that I would have gotten some cute shots of Da Boy and Da Girl (better known as 1 of 8) when Da Boy was here for his visit last week.
Well, you would be wrong.

photoboothe9cfbaf1e08e3ad2aed3662eeda2ffca68ffc02aI thought photo shoots with colicky newborns were tough. I thought that portrait sessions with hyperactive toddlers were the height of challenge.

I was wrong.

Because, apparently, trying to get Da Boy and 1 of 8 to take a photo shoot seriously was nigh impossible.

Hence, this photo set.

Be gentle with me, Dear Readers. A mom just does what she can with the material she's allowed to shoot.

They're really cute kids, I can tell you.

It's just a little hard to tell from the photographs....

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