Julie Lyles Carr: Do Me A Solid, Wouldya?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Do Me A Solid, Wouldya?

See this darling girl?

She's the daughter of our amazing pastor and she's getting to do an amazing thing.

Her vocal group is being featured on NBC'S newest reality show, The Sing Off.

She performs with the vocal band Voices of Lee and they have made it to the top three in the competition.

Now here's the part where I ask a favor of my Octamom readers.

Up to this point, it was a panel of judges who were choosing which groups would go and which would stay.

And now it's up to the viewers.

Garland's group, Voices of Lee, is a phenomenal group of young people who have mainly performed for churches and patriotic events, bringing a full sound and a clean cut image to vocal performance. They are passionate about their faith. They're a bunch of good kids.

And they're just so stinkin' good!

So take a little time today to go vote for this group. You can go here to vote online or you can text 33088 and then enter the number 3 into your message to vote as well. You can vote up to ten times.

It's your patriotic duty.

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