Julie Lyles Carr: Handy Man

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Handy Man

Of course, there are many positive attributes about my youngest brother.

Not the least of which is his ability to make barbecued ribs that are so tender and delicious, they make you want to cry.

Happy tears.

But there is another thing about my youngest brother, the one I call Other Brother (as opposed to our shared sibling, Middle Brother) that was a cherished feature of his in the years that he lived just a couple clicks from my house in Oklahoma.

And that is his height.

And his willingness to help on virtually any project.

Because at six foot six inches, Other Brother just comes in pretty darn handy.

I miss living close to him for a number of reasons, not just that he comes in handy.

But still.

And it was great to have he and his family in for Thanksgiving.

And not just because he's handy.

But still.

Particularly because I have a Christmas tree that is rather, ah, ambitious.

other brother3

So when I got a bee in my bonnet the day after Thanksgiving and decided my twelve foot tree needed to be put up immediately, it was Other Brother who wrestled the thing out of the depths of the attic and got it all put together.

other brother2

Including the star.

other brother4

Sure was nice of him to drive 500 miles to do that for me....

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