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Friday, December 18, 2009

More Wisdom From the Laundry Queen

I call it Pre-Packing Pre-Laundry.

Not to be confused with Pre-Packing Laundry.

Pre-Packing Pre-Laundry, or PPPL as I like to call it, is a phenomenon that I experience every time I try to begin preparing this crew of 10 to travel.

PPPL should not be confused with PPL. Please notice the difference in the number of 'P's in the acronym.

PPPL is the laundry that you have to do to figure out the next phase of laundry you should do in preparation to travel.

As in, PPPL is the compilation of the entire wardrobes of your family that you have been ignoring stacking up in the corner of the laundry room.

It is also comprised of a desperate search for Christmas colored turtlenecks that you really wanted to take with you so the kids would look festive for the holidays.

But now you've decided they can look just as festive wearing faded Disney print t-shirts.

Because you know where those t-shirts are.

And those t-shirts at least are clean.

Because you performed PPPL.

Pre-Packing Pre-Laundry.

I do think that one of these years I will experience PPL, the singular experience of Laundry By Choice. You know, where I could stroll into a kid's room, view the organized and neatly hung wardrobe, make my selections to place in the suitcase and then choose to wash a darling little blouse, just to take on a trip, just in case.

But PPL, that simple Pre-Packing Laundry, may be a phenomenon deep in my future.

Because right now, I'm all about the PPPL.

Knee-deep into PPPL.

Pre-Packing Pre-Laundry.

It's the next big thing.

You heard it here first.

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