Julie Lyles Carr: Of Pukers and Playmakers...

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Of Pukers and Playmakers...

This is how they fake you out...

fall '09 070

Looking fairly normally before they barf...

In case you didn't catch the stellar poetic accomplishment of yesterday, the Octamom kids participated in a Christmas play this past weekend.

It wasn't without its, ah, hiccups.

And chunk-blowing.

But I thought you might enjoy a few non-puking pics...

xmas play1

This would be 5 of 8, costumed as a wise man. He claims that wearing the costume did not, in fact, make him feel any wiser.

The clothes apparently do not make the man.

Here's 4 of 8 dressed as Mary...

fall '09 073

There was a bit of drama as Baby Jesus was momentarily misplaced.

That would preach during this season, wouldn't it?

The Octa-Dad was taking pictures for me and he likewise found it very difficult to take pictures of 8 of 8 in focus, due to 8 of 8's constant movement...

xmas play2

But we have found an amazing recipe for keeping 8 of 8 focused and in one place for a stretch of time...

Put him on the middle of a huge stage in front of lots and lots and lots of people.

Hand him some jingle bells.

Watch him jingle those jingle bells like nobody's business and stay planted to his personal square footage on the stage.

It was awesome.

And then there's 7 of 8.

xmas play3

See those huge green eyes? They were about twice that size when she was brought on stage. Total deer-in-the-headlights kind of a thing. She did not participate in the jingle bell ringing. She did not look about in wonder at the lights and costumes and audience.

She just stared.

Long and hard.

Which was an improvement over her sister standing in the wings, barfing into an old coffee cup.

Ah, Christmas.
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