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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So Here's The Thing...

I am, apparently, in charge of Christmas next week.
For my clan, let me clarify.

Not for the whole world.

You understand.

And I'm now at the full-sprint-panic status of trying to find where I've hidden everything and figure out exactly who was meant to have what and why I only seem to have candy canes for one kid.

It's a beautiful, well-organized Martha Stewart kind of Christmas.


I did complete my final teaching/speaking engagement for the year yesterday.

I think.

So I should be focusing on holiday prep.

But that means I don't have a real picture post for Wordful Wednesday today.

So I checked to see what 1 of 8 might have captured with her camera while The Boy was here.

And I thought this was pretty adorable...


And I thought this was incredible...


So, by my count, over the last few days, there have been several blog posts featuring 1 of 8's and Octadad's photography skills.

Do you think it's a conspiracy, a covert effort to take over my blog?


I think I've just been a blogger slacker.....

All in the hopes of being a holiday over achiever...

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