Julie Lyles Carr: 'Twas the Puke Before Christmas...

Monday, December 14, 2009

'Twas the Puke Before Christmas...

'Twas the morning of the church Christmas play and all through the house
The children were scurrying, creating ruckus and rouse
The costumes were ready, colorful visage to bear
In hopes that this performance would shine under stage light's glare.

The children were rushing, faces scrubbed, cheeks red
While visions of theatrical victory swirled through their heads
And I in my Sunday best and Mike fastening his shoe strap
Had just called once more it was time to don our coats and wraps

When from upstairs, there arose such a clatter
I sent Mike to the steps to see what was the matter
Up the stairs he flew like a flash
Went to 6 of 8's room and heard a small 'splash'.

He squinted his eyes to find what he should know
And he beheld 6 of 8, her face quite morose
Resting there on the bedspread, what should appear
But the evidence of a pre-play puke, nestled festively there.

And as 6 of 8 showed him, she jumped up right quick
Bolted to the bathroom and was again sick
More rapid than eagles this tummy bug came
All in time for the Children's Christmas Play.

She rallied a bit, my 6 of 8 pixie
Finished getting dressed, determined to mix in
With the other children's play actors, one and all
And we thought she might make it, midst this queasy tummy squall

Upon arrival at the church, the children did fly
Hurrying to don costumes, stage craft to apply
Around the backstage area they giggled and flew
Wiseman, snow men, cowboys and Mary too.

6 of 8 sipped her Sprite, her demeanor quite aloof
Then the time came of give tummy bug proof
She looked a bit stricken, looked desperately around
And then I heard it, that old familiar sound

Of a tummy being emptied, a virus afoot
One that renders the morning's breakfast hard to stay put
We hustled her outside, searching for a sack
Some container of some kind to hold her recycled morning's snack

"I'm all better now," she declared, quite merry.
"I can finish getting ready," she intoned, all airy.
And I wanted to believe, though a mom ought to know
That this was the last of the festive puke, the last chunks to blow.

6 of 8 donned her hula skirt, her grass skirt sheath
We dotted on blush and scrubbed her teeth
She was to be a hula girl, a tree ornament a la Hawaii
We adjusted her lei, her flower, she was darling, really.

All costumed and dolled up, 6 of 8 seemed herself
And she joined the kids, jostling a bit and headed themselves
To the green room backstage, before parting the curtain red
Thinking through their lines and step, all in their heads.

6 of 8 spoke not a word, but went straight to her work
Practicing her hula dance and adjusting her hula skirt
The children were lined up and the red curtain rose
It was time to take the stage, the performance to show.

6 of 8 fidgeted in line, she seemed to bristle
And then right as she was to step out, her breakfast became a missile
She lost lunch once more, out of audience's sight
And we hurried her home, our festive hula girl sprite.

(6 of 8 is all healed up now. No, this was not a case of the nerves, but some kind of 24 hour bug. She was sad to have missed out her performance as a hula girl, but feels confident that she gave it her best shot. What a professional!)

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