Julie Lyles Carr: Coin You Feel the Love?

Monday, January 4, 2010

Coin You Feel the Love?

I'm still working on my Christmas recaps.

Which is what happens when you celebrate three Christmas across several days.

It takes a while to digest all that Noel.

But there was a particular presentation over the Christmas season that was awfully special.

Except it wasn't awful.

Why do we say that? Awfully? When we mean wonderfully?

Seems like Judy Garland said it a lot in The Wizard of Oz.

I know, I know, more tangents.

I never claimed that my mind was a particularly neat and tidy place.

Moving on.

Back to the awfully wonderfully presentation.

My grandmother, in all over her over-90-and-still-sassy glory has been collecting quarters of all the states for her great-grandchildren.

All fifteen of them.

She presented all the kids with a whole collection of the 50 states quarters, along with an original mint quarter and an additional quarter of the state of their birth.

This is a gift five years in the collecting and making...


I know.

Totally adorable.

Awfully adorable.

The kids were completely delighted and are occasionally allowed to look at their collections.


I don't know why 8 of 8 dodged being in the 'States Quarters' photo-op. My newest niece has a valid excuse...she's still in utero.

I should probably check 8 of 8's collection, come to think of it. He may have been off looking for a vending machine.

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