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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Day in the Life...

1 of 8 took a page from her blogger mom and surprised me by taking pictures of various scenes from her first day at her new university. I've been posting about our journey from homeschool to university, with ideas on things that worked and things we learned along the way and things we would have changed.

I loved getting to see 1 of 8's first day through her eyes.

(Sitting in her first class)

(Her shoes...)

(A car she saw in the parking lot. Be sure to look carefully in the windows. Seriously.)




(Getting ready for the first lecture...)


(Documenting the sleeping habits of college students...in the library...on the first day of class...at nine a.m.)


(The vista...)

We'll be back tomorrow to talk through the ACT, the SAT, curriculum choices, CLEP tests and all the rest...but for now, I'm just enjoying seeing 1 of 8's walk through her day...

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