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Monday, January 11, 2010

Octamom...The Movie...

3 of 8 is the aspiring Steven Spielberg around here. He certainly has quite the cast of actors to work with.

But his preferred medium at the moment is...you guessed it....Legos.

Specifically, Lego stop action film making.

He recruited 5 of 8 as a fellow voice actor, fired up his Flip camera and set about making some movie magic.

I like to think that he gets his Lego creativity from moi...as chronicled here...and here.

Not that I'm delusional enough to think that I would have the patience to render a stop-action film. Heavens, no. While I do love me some stop-action effects and think there is no higher form of it than that perennial holiday favorite of Rudolph and his little claymation buddies, to actually move little bits of material half-centimeters at a time and take shots of each and every move...well, that would require pharmaceuticals to render me able to be that fastidious.

Serious pharmaceuticals.

But 3 of 8 is willing to work with such scrutiny for his art. And he was willing to showcase a bit of it here, a little montage of Legos and Octamom.

Roll tape...

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