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Friday, January 15, 2010


Remember this little cutie, AT?

atwindowShe's one of 6 of 8's BFFs...or BFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF--which translated, apparently means Best Friends Forever and f-ever and f-ever and f-ever and f-ever and f-ever...until your mother makes you stop saying 'f-ever' because it's giving her a headache.


AT was tagging along last night as we went on our evening routine of taking the big kids to the dance studio and a dinner with a friend and all the other Thursday activities. AT and 6 of 8 sat on the bench seat behind me in the van, chatting about all things random.

At one point, AT showed 6 of 8 her newest jewelry.

"Look! Lookie! It's a necklace! It's very important to me."

"Wow," said 6 of 8. "It's really pretty. Where did you get it?"

"Well," replied AT, shifting a bit in her booster seat as she prepared to reveal the significance of her new accessory, "well, my Grammy went on an airplane and she went to where Jesus was born and this necklace come from The Sea of Gallery."

"Oh," said 6 of 8. "The Sea of Gallery? I thought it was The Sea of Gali.."

"No, no, no." AT confidently responded. "It's The Sea of Gallery."

From the Bible, no less.

I'm just waiting to hear about Noah's Park.

And the Garden of Even.

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