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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Right to Bear Arms...


Toy weaponry.

What's a mom to do?

In my early years of parenting, I held to an ideal that we would not be having toy guns, swords, guillotines, what have you, in the house. And that ideal held for several years.

And then, after two girls, I had my first son.

And so began what I call the Butter Knife Years.

As in, anything pointy or slightly sinister looking was immediately repurposed for imaginary warfare.


Now, many years and three sons into the pacifist parenting thing, we've arrived at a compromise.

Nerf weaponry.

And now we've added another element.

Nerf weaponry and film making.

3 and 5 of 8 could hardly wait for me to get home from a ministry meeting the other night. With their daddy's amused blessing, they had been producing a new cinematic triumph.

Which will have its debut here.

For those of you still struggling with kids and nerf battle imagery, you may not enjoy this piece.

But the final scene is totally worth it.

And another word of caution; some of you may be totally fine with the nerf gun play. It's all the jumping on couches that will disturb you deeply. And I want you to know that we generally discourage couch jumping, mainly on the auspices of what it can do to one's acting career.

But it was allowed for the making of this film.

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