Julie Lyles Carr: So How Goes the Un-Noeling?

Friday, January 8, 2010

So How Goes the Un-Noeling?

So how's this for accountability?

The tree is in its box...but it's still in the entry way, slowly, slowly making its way toward being stored in the attic.

There is still a crate of decorations at the bottom of the stairs.

And I just noticed that there is a stack of gift bags on the armoire.

I'm comfortable with the fact that I will probably find various Christmas items tucked in odd places.

In April.

I'm still relatively new to this whole 'traveling Christmas' thing, packing up gifts and kids, hitting the road, celebrating a couple of Christmas events, packing back up, heading home, throwing another Christmas. It's fun. And exhausting.

And may I just say, those of you who travel to see your families over the holidays? My hat is off to you.

I was at a women's ministry meeting the other night and I had to laugh. Several of us at the meeting could probably use a vacation to recover from this 'vacation'. Not complaining, you understand.

Just tired.

So I'm cutting myself some slack this year. The decor is all down. It's just not shoved into the various storage areas of the house.

And I'm not hitting my New Year's resolutions with super enthusiasm, just yet.

But I am going to take an extra vitamin C. And I think I might even read a little bit.

I'm just taking a little mental vacation from my recent Christmas vacation.

And maybe you should too.

Would it help if I gave you permission?

Okay, here it is.

You have my permission to have a little breathing time.

Get a cup of tea.

Take a breath.

Wrestle with those crates of decorations next week.


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