Julie Lyles Carr: The Sugar Caper

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Sugar Caper

It turned out that I was very glad to be at therapy with 7 of 8 yesterday morning.

2 of 8 was babysitting the other little kids for me.

Lucky 2 of 8.

Because on her watch, we had this little adventure...

McKenna's camera '09-'10 243

This would be sugar.

All over the pantry floor.

Are you starting to itch?

McKenna's camera '09-'10 242

It's sort of festive, in a way. It looks like snow.

McKenna's camera '09-'10 241

It seems that 5 of 8 was getting the sugar down to sprinkle a bit (or a lot) on his cereal. Since this is a household of 10 people, I typically don't buy anything in small quantities.

Including sugar.

As these photos have proved.

You've got to hand it to 2 of 8. She grabbed the camera, got some shots, then cleaned it all up.

All before I got home.

Love that girl.

But I do have a feeling that I'll be finding sugar granules for quite a while to come.

Let's get it straight from the eyewitnesses, shall we?

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