Julie Lyles Carr: Sunday Selah

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Selah

So we're already a week and some change into the New Year.



Reminds me of how my kids would try to count. Twenty-nine....Twenty-ten.

I haven't set before myself a concrete set of resolutions for the year. We hit the ground running at the conclusion of the holidays. To be most accurate, we seemed to run through the holidays and just kept on running, even as the ball dropped in Times Square.

So I haven't exactly done what I promote here.


Take a pause. Reflect.

But as I begin to turn over in my mind the areas I would like to experience improvement in this new year, points of weakness, points of needed progress, I find myself thankful again that I'm not just out on my own, reading another self-help book, trying to run the program, making the lists, checking off the bullet points.

Thankful indeed.

Because every morning, I get to start over, no matter the failure and frustration of the day before.

Every day.

Sometimes every minute.

Starting over.

To be a new creation in the Lord.

And He allows me to erase the tapes in my head that play over and over, "But that's just how you are. You can't change. You can't become something you're not."

Oh, yes I can.

Through Him.

So perhaps the foundation of my 2010 resolutions begins here. To embrace that I am a new creation. To embrace that I can start over. To embrace that the extravagant soothing of grace wipes the chalkboard of the soul to a clean surface, allowing me to write afresh the things He is laying on my heart.

And so the process continues, the laying aside of the old nature.

The revelation of the new.


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