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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Virtual Romance...

1 of 8 is back from a two week trip to California to see The Boy.
Did I ever update you that they are an official romance now?

It's true.

They even changed their Facebook statuses. Statuses. Statusi. Plural for status.

And if it's on Facebook, it must be true.

romance11 of 8 wasn't miserable enough leaving The Boy back in California. She decided to compound it by having her wisdom teeth out 36 hours after she arrived home.

The girl knows how to party, I tell ya.

She came through the procedure just fine, thanks to a great doc and some good drugs. She's sporting something of a chipmunk look and is a little tired of her applesauce diet.

And in the midst of her recovery, she's been hanging out with The Boy.

Via Skype.

I headed up to her room yesterday to check on her and found her watching a movie--with The Boy. They had rented the same movie to play on each of their computers, then opened separate windows in Skype so they could watch each other watch the same movie and discuss.

Long distance romance gone high tech.

One of our favorite couples (who, oh so conveniently, live right down the street) were themselves the main actors in a long distance romance that extended over six years, four of those while at different schools. Their subsequent marriage, after so much time spent communicating, writing, talking while physically in different locales, has given their marriage such a beautiful component of friendship and connection.

This long distance Skype romance of 1 of 8 and The Boy? It's not all bad.


Not all bad.

Because when you care enough to watch the same movie while separated by a thousand miles and you want to see the reaction of each other's faces on a murky computer screen, well, it ain't Jane Austen.

But it's still pretty romantic.

Chipmunk cheeks and all.

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