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Monday, February 22, 2010

As The Memory Card Turns...

dec09jan10 027
We've got multiple cameras and photographers in this house now.

Which is great, because more of the photographic record is being captured.

Which is bad, because I have enough trouble keeping up with the images on one memory card.

Case in point.

My beloved bestie JK emailed a couple of days ago.

"Can I have copies of our night at TransSiberian?"

From two months ago.



As soon as I locate that memory card.

At the end of December, Mike's company graciously allowed us to use the box at the American Airlines Center to see the Trans Siberian Orchestra. The suite was fantastic, the food delicious, the company delightful.

dec09jan10 028
We took along JK and her hubby SK, who just conveniently happens to be Mike's beloved bestie. Very convenient. Though I doubt SK and Mike would refer to each other as 'besties'. But I am the author of this blog and I have teenage daughters and I'm rolling with current vernacular.

SK is a perfect blend of two parts acerbic wit to one part Stay Puff Marshmellow Man. He is a compelling figure. Particularly at a concert featuring lasers and all things electric guitar.

dec09jan10 026
I learned some things about myself that evening at the performance, things I didn't know until I had this experience. I will share that wisdom here:
1. Seeing any event while safely tucked in a catered, beautiful suite/box seats is THE way to go. THE way. I would probably sign up to see a monster truck rally if a suite was involved.
2. I have an uncanny ability to butcher the name Trans Siberian Orchestra. I called it Mannheim RailRoller. I called it Siberian Railroad. I called it various iterations of all the names and had to be corrected many times that we were going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra (and I actually had to really think through it again to type it in correctly just now...)
3. The Trans Siberian Orchestra has no basis in Russia. They are a group of musicians from Dallas. Yea. I know. I was a little surprised myself. Took away some of the mystery.
4. My tolerance threshold for 80's electric guitar is 64 minutes. 64. Once the Christmas music of the show was over, somehow the electric throb lost its magic for me. Particularly because the Trans Mannheim Roller Rail Band thingy began performing their own music. If they had chosen to do cover songs from the 80's, I probably could have hung in there another 17 minutes or so.
5. Going to see any event, film, stage, whatever, is far more entertaining with SK's running commentary...though I don't recommend sitting through a boring church service with him. You run the danger of getting kicked out...

So there you have it, JK and the rest of Blogdom. Pictures. From the Trans Siberian Steamrolling Train thingy. Just a couple of months behind. Not bad for a Monday morning.

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