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Friday, February 19, 2010

By The Numbers...

We do a lot of math drills around here.



I'm sure there are more creative, cute, artistic ways to get basic math facts into the general traffic of the mind.

But math drills it is in this homeschool.

6 of 8 was working on a page yesterday and kept popping her head around the corner of my office.

"Hi, Mom!"

"Get back to work, 6 of 8..."


More, ah, diligence took place, i.e., it was quiet for a bit, and then she popped her head around the corner again.

"Um, Mom, 3 plus 4 is 25, right?"

"3 plus 4 is 25? Honey, you know better than that. We have covered that one many, many times. You tell me, what is 3 plus 4?"

"Why can't it be 25?"

"6 of 8, come on. What is 3 plus 4?"

"Okay, okay, it's 7. But, ohhhhh, I like 25. I wish 3 plus 4 was 25..."

Math by popular vote.

I'm thinking 6 of 8 and I are going to have loads of fun with algebra.....

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