Julie Lyles Carr: The Free (For a Price) Market

Friday, February 12, 2010

The Free (For a Price) Market

There's got to be a phrase for it. Some Adam Smith/Keynesian economic term that would capture the essence of this phenomenon.

But I think I sold back the economics textbooks at the end of college.

Or I'm using them as a doorstop out in the garage.

Either way, I'm going to stay here next to my coffee.

But back to our free market lesson, such as it is.

1 of 8 saw a few of the Super Bowl commercials during the game broadcast but wanted to see a couple others she missed. I went over to Hulu and sure enough, Hulu had the commercials...with a twist.

The Super Bowls commercials on Hulu are sponsored by Coca Cola.

Read it again.

Ads for Doritos and Snickers and ETrade are sponsored on Hulu by...Coca Cola.

Would you call that irony? Hypocrisy?


We at least know this:


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