Julie Lyles Carr: Good as Gold...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Good as Gold...

These people?

They're as good as gold.

For many reasons.

But particularly this weekend.

Because they've pulled in to town so that Mike and I can sneak off for a couple of days.

And by 'sneak off', I mean 'plan for months in advance, do twelve loads of laundry, print up schedules and car pool requirements, pack, repack, take more vitamins, check the soccer schedule, alert the neighbors and stock the fridge' kind of 'sneak off' kind of way.

And these are the people whose presence in the house will allow us to 'sneak off'.

I just love them.

For many reasons.

Not just because they're letting me run off with their son.

But that is one of the reasons...

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