Julie Lyles Carr: Mama Mamiya

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mama Mamiya


My first love was a Pentax 35mm.

And my deep obsession was my Mamiya 645AF.

Medium format film.

Ridiculously expensive.

I loved, loved, loved it.

That shot above?

It's of 6 of 8.

Back when she was 6 of 6.

And I took it with my Mamiya.

Oh, sure, it was a fickle, finicky rig. I spent untold dollars (no, seriously untold. I still haven't given Mike the final tally...) repairing the crazy thing. The medium format film was crazy expensive. The processing was expensive.

But my devotion was undaunted.

Because of shots like this of 4 of 8...


...and this, of 5 of 8...


And while I'm quite happy in my new digital relationship with Canon, I keep that Mamiya in a dark corner of the closet. Because I still heart the creamy finish of these shots, the clear blues on the film, the fact that I truly cut my teeth on it.

Ah, Mamiya. You still get to me.

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