Julie Lyles Carr: Plaster of TP

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Plaster of TP

tp plaster1
So you're thinking to yourself, "That Octa. I emailed/called/texted/Facebooked/im'd/commented her and haven't heard back yet!"

Just know that it's not because I don't love ya.

I've just been solving some housekeeping mysteries, one two-year-old at a time.

tp plaster2

8 of 8 has created a new faux wall treatment...I'm calling it 'Plaster of TP.' The procedure is this; you very, very, very quietly sneak into the guest bathroom while your mother is just on the other side of the wall and you very, very, very quietly dip toilet paper into the toilet and proceed to throw the moist remnants of said paper at the wall. And be sure and get yourself soaked in the process so that your mother knows who the, um, artist is.

tp plaster3

It does bring a unique texture to the space.

Maybe I'll just paint over it.

Yeah, that's it. A nice coat of latex is all this needs.

tp plaster4

So if you've emailed/called/texted/Facebooked/im'd/commented me and haven't heard back yet, just remember, I do love ya.

I've just been a little busy.

Figuring out this latest mystery. Determining who the creative genius behind the Plaster of TP is.

And googling ideas for cleaning up toilet paper blobs.

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