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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

So Fast...

8of8 Aug. 08
I actually calculated it at one point.

From the time that I was about 6 months pregnant with the twins until they were 15 months old, I only slept in hour-and-a-half stretches.

Just 90 minutes at a time, here and there.

There is a lot about those months that is lost to me.

summer '08 044
It was during those months that I began to blog. I suppose that somehow I instinctively knew that if I didn't begin recording that season, both photographically and in word, the page would turn and it would be gone.

june08 011
We had moved 5 weeks before they were born, away from the support system it had taken us 3 years to develop on the coast. We were juggling six other much loved and very active kiddos.  We were closer to our hometown of Tulsa, but still several hundred miles away.



Time machines.

And as I flip back through the archives of this blog, as I click through my digital photos, I find myself thankful again. Thankful for the blog friends made, for the old friends rediscovered, for the friends that are held close through little daily updates and stories and pictures.

And those sleepless nights are restored to me.

And I can see what that season looked like.

And I can read the words of a tired and lonely mom.

Who found an outlet and open hearts through CPUs and microchips and internet settings.

Thank you.

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