Julie Lyles Carr: Twin Tag Team

Monday, February 1, 2010

Twin Tag Team

Here's the thing with twins.
They tag-team you.

Particularly when you are distracted.

Case in point.

I've been helping out with some ministry projects lately and have been on the computer a little more than usual.

I've carved a little desk cubby hole for myself in a corner of the laundry room. The location is good because I can hear what's going on in the house and keep an eye on general traffic.

The location is bad because I'm technically not sitting on top of the general traffic.

'Keeping an eye on general traffic' and 'sitting on top of general traffic' are two very different things.


I was in my little cubby trying to push through some email. The house was quiet. Math drills were underway. The twins were playing in my eye view.

8 of 8 wandered off to the kitchen and came back with a package of peanut butter crackers.

"Open. open."

I obliged.

"Go to the table," I told him. He dutifully wandered off in that direction.

7 of 8 appeared at the vestibule of my laundry room/office/hiding spot/cubby.

Package of peanut butter crackers.

"Open, open."
I obliged.

"Go to the table," I told her. She dutifully wandered off in that direction.

I was tracking down something via the web, then picked up a phone call, my mind going two different directions, streams of conversations and questions and answers of different streams. 8 of 8 showed back up at my door, another package of peanut butter crackers in hand. I cocked the phone between my shoulder and ear, opening the package for him and hitting computer keys. More conversation, more computer clicking, 7 of 8 coming in with a package for me to open, research, another urgent email, another phone call, another package of peanut butter crackers, a glitch on one of my web sites, a text from a widget developer, another Bible class inquiry, another package of peanut butter crackers, a news item....wait.


Did I just open another peanut butter cracker package for one of the twins?

Those twins that are being oh-so-quiet?

Hang up the phone.

Time to investigate.



The twins believe that peanut butter crackers are simply an edible container for peanut butter.

Kind of like toast points and caviar.

Their preferred method for eating said snack is to twist open the crackers and extract the little peanut butter patty.

And then to discard the remains.

And I had unwittingly allowed this carnage to occur.
Because I sort of lost count.

Because even though your intention is to see your twins as individuals, as separate and apart, your distracted mommmy mind can often render them a unit. And you can kind of lose count of what they're doing. Particularly when it comes to peanut butter crackers when they seem to be cooperative and quiet.

Cooperative and quiet.

A dangerous combination.

Particularly mixed with mommy in her computer cubby.

Computer Cubby Cooperative Quiet.

Sorry, little peanut butter crackers.

Sorry I participated in your evisceration.

My bad.

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