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Friday, March 19, 2010

The Accidental Neighbor...

It's been three years now.

Since we became the accidental neighbors.

I was five weeks away from delivering the twins, making a fast move for Mike's work.

And there was a house for lease on this street that we could take immediately.

We figured it was a place to park the moving boxes and let me sit out the last few weeks of the pregnancy. And once things calmed down a bit, we would start a hard target search for the Perfect House.

Here's a tip.

Things don't calm down once you add twins to your already-larger-than-usual family.

We came up for air a couple of times and it had already been a year.

The house in the city we had moved from was still on the market.

We would need to renew the lease as the accidental neighbors.

When we came up for air again, we began to realize something. The Lord had picked a pretty great place for us to land for a while. The kids had made dear friends. I had made dear friends with the moms. And Mike with the dads.

It's the kind of street where the kids play from house to house, people wave and chat on the sidewalks, eggs and cups of sugar are borrowed and baked goods shared.


It hadn't been my intention to give my heart away again.  I'd left incredible neighbors across too many states.  I'd pulled up stakes and packed the boxes enough to learn the ache of leaving familiar faces.  I was just a temporary camper here, intending to withhold my affections until we signed the mortgage on the Perfect House.

But those little faces up there, snuggled into 6 of 8, those big brown eyes on the left and the sparkling green ones in the middle, they are the little girls of my 6 year old's world.  And I adore their mamas.  And their brothers are 5 of 8's bestest buddies.

I thought I was camped here for a short season, just an accidental, anecdotal neighbor for this established neighborhood, a side note for the July 4th block party of the "Remember that crazy family with the eight kids that used to live here?" variety.

But these people are now etched on my heart.  We are neighbors, in the sweetest sense of the word, shuttling kids, cleaning up skinned knees, sharing dinners and dreams.  I don't know the plans the Lord has for us when it comes to mortgages and home owners insurance and house warranties and all the rest.  We are leasing still, three years having come and gone.

But these people, these accidental neighbors of mine, they feel a lot like home.

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