Julie Lyles Carr: Bath Buddies

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bath Buddies


We do a lot of bath time around here. A. Lot.

Some legit because the twins are covered in any variety of organic material. Spaghetti sauce. Ketchup....Catsup. Contraband chocolate.

Good ol' fashioned dirt.

But there is also bathtime that is simply playtime. A chance to splash and blow bubbles and play with the bath toys.

I can't cast stones.

I'm a bath girl myself. Minus the splashing, bubble blowing and bath toys. Plus a good book and candles and bath salts.


I'm sure I can't be objective on this. But I do find this bathing twin to be one cute guy.


And I think his twin sis is pretty cute too.

Not that I am an unbiased source.

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