Julie Lyles Carr: Botox Baby!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Botox Baby!

*Post Edit~7 of 8 did fine today, came out of anesthesia well.  We'll know in a few days the effect the Botox is having on her arm.  Thanks for your prayers and good wishes~*


7 of 8 is just about to receive therapeutic Botox injections to her left arm to help treat some of the muscle rigidity she experiences as a result of the ischemic stroke she had pre-birth.

I've been keeping her occupied here at the children surgery center by taking our pictures on my computer.

If you have a moment, we'd love a little good wishes and prayers sent our way.  7 of 8 will need to be under general anesthetic for the procedure.  We're hopeful that in a few days, the Botox will allow some of the muscles that hold her arm at an odd angle and crimp some of her fingers to release and relax, allowing other muscles to strengthen.

It's something of a dance.

But for now, we're playing in the prep room, making silly faces on the computer, sporting purple hospital jammies.


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