Julie Lyles Carr: Dance Piece, Pieces of the Dance

Friday, March 26, 2010

Dance Piece, Pieces of the Dance

pieces of the dance2
The pieces make the whole.

As I sat in the cool dark of a performing arts center last weekend, watching 2 of 8 flow through her steps, I watched the piece as a whole.

But when we got in the car to drive back to the hotel, 2 of 8 began to unpack her performance, piece by piece.

Step by step.

She delighted at the successful completion of a difficult combination half-way through the number. She replayed the steps she wanted to be stronger.

It's all those pieces that make up her piece.

And those pieces are important.

But I thought on how different my perspective is in watching her. I'm seeing a total presentation, enjoying the sequence and stream of fluid movement.

And she's trying to perfect each piece...of the piece.

pieces of the dance
In this dance of life, I get focused at times on the pieces that are bobbled, the steps that could have been stronger, more sure. I fret over the promenade that could have been more graceful, over the wimpy waltz. And those pieces are important.

But it's the piece as a whole that's the thing.

It's the overall presentation, the whole that becomes the observed dance.

The sum.

pieces of the dance3
The sum of carefully considered pieces.

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