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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Granite Countertops...

Apparently, this is called a metate. It's a trough made in stone from the grinding of corn or other grains by Native American women, back in the day.

I came across this metate while stomping around under some boulders during my recent trip to Arizona.

I was so excited. It felt like I had scored on a treasure hunt. It felt like I had entered a shrine.

Nestled under a huge boulder overlooking the valley, this was a kitchen with all the bells and whistles.





Multiple work stations.


I sat for a while in this ancient kitchen, sitting where Native American women sat, milling maize, prepping for meals, gossiping, laughing.  My eyes followed the blackened trail of creosote from long-extinguished cooking fires, a wall treatment curling up to the spaces between the boulders above.

I found myself gathering amongst whispered memories in the room in which we all tend to congregate.

The kitchen.

I lingered.

And ran my hands through the smooth curves of the metate.

And admired the beautiful granite countertops surrounding  me.

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