Julie Lyles Carr: The Green Room

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Green Room

It was a unique time for me this weekend.

I traveled with 2 of 8 to one of her dance competitions.

That wasn't the unusual part.

 What was unusual was that we left all the other kids at home.

With 1 of 8 in California with The Boy, we arranged for a couple of precious and brave friends to watch kiddos on Friday and then Mike took over Kid Watch for Saturday and Sunday.

Which meant 2 of 8 and I were on our own.

Having sat through many a competition now wrestling toddlers and entertaining kindergärtners, it was a rare treat to sit quietly and soak it all in.

And to hang out backstage a bit.

What struck me this trip is how gorgeous and polished the performance on stage is.

And how much work and hairspray and stretching and marking steps and blisters and tape and safety pins and toupee tape go into all that effortless look.

Because on stage, it does look effortless, like water flowing. But under that flowing water lies a terrain being polished through friction and strain.

But it's the price that must be paid for that transcendent moment of the dance.  And it's the price these girls are willing to pay.
And in return, they are gaining such a life lesson, such an understanding of what lies beneath, what it takes, what it means to pack practice and repetition and dedication into the moment in the spotlight.
Which brings more meaning to the saying that life is a dance.

There is truth backstage, back in the green room.

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