Julie Lyles Carr: Let's Go Drag a Kite....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Let's Go Drag a Kite....

The idea was a good one.

The conditions were ideal.

The participants were eager.

But the vehicle and methodologies were just not gelling.


3 of 8 thought it would a fun time to take the twins kite flying out in the front yard.  The wind had been whipping through the trees.  The twins were restless.  I thought 3 of 8 was a genius.

But the twins seemed to struggle with the concept of letting the kite, ah, fly.  They thought of it as more an exercise in pulling the kite back down to earth once it had gained a little air.


And then 8 of 8 thought that somersaults on the concrete were appropriate for the occasion.

What can you do with a kid in Spiderman underwear?  He feels invincible.


After some coaching from 3 of 8, the twins seemed to get the message that kites are made to fly.  Not to drag back to earth by their tails.

I know.

It seems a little legalistic and limiting.

But it is part of the kite rules.


So the kite flew, unimpeded by the twin tail-pullers.  It sailed.  It soared.  It rode the currents.

Until it got stuck in the tree.

Where it still rests.

Maybe it's just afraid to come down, in case the twins are out.

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