Julie Lyles Carr: Of Things That Prickle and Bristle

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Of Things That Prickle and Bristle

So after I got over my quail obsession, I moved on to cactus.



I grew up in the high desert of Southern California, so it's not like I haven't had plenty of cacti exposure. Living adjacent to  Joshua Tree National Forest for nine years gives a girl lots of time to contemplate.

But I don't know that I ever really took the time to look a bit closer.

I did this time.

And saw an unexpected world of engineering, design, color.

What marvelous creativity.

What delicate shades of pink, rose, dusky green.

I was so struck with our Creator's willingness to place variety and texture, even in the dry places. To design an arid cornucopia in thirsty climes. To delight the eye with sharp details, to make reservoirs of fluid and fruit where there should be none.

Contemplative stuff.

For cactus.

Plus, I was getting a whole lot more sleep than usual. Which might make me wax a bit more poetic.



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