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Friday, March 12, 2010


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I'm Spring Cleaning....and Spring Cleaning.

While I'm shoveling my way through the space most people would call a 'garage' and what I would presently call 'one ginormous pillaged and tossed storage area', I'm trying to also be spiritual about it and think through the things that need spring cleaning in my heart. Until I get distracted by the next mystery box that I find in the depths of the garage.

I'm also trying to reduce our library load. We are book people. Books and books and books. And unless we're going to build a library room on par with the library in Beauty and the Beast, I've got to cull the collection.


It surprises me the titles I have trouble letting go of. There are books that are staying. Period. And then there are tomes that I've read and are not something I'll refer back to or are volumes that I can access the information online. But it still irks me a bit to let them go.

Why is that?

In the depths of spider webs and random pieces of board games and archives of school work and all the rest of the flotsam and jetsam of the garage debris, I may have hit upon something.

Well, yes, possibly that I'm a book hoarder.

But it's also possible that for some reason, owning the book makes me feel like I own the knowledge from it. That those boxes of books that won't be read again and should be passed on are some tangible catalog of what I feed my brain. And if I let go of those books, then I may not have a way of remembering what I already know.


I'm taking 'em to Goodwill. I'm going to trust that if there is information I need, God can give me recall and Google can give me links.

And so that Charles Kuralt autobiography is going, along with the marketing trends of the '90's hardcover. And I'm going to let some of the mystery novels go. And some of the 'How to Homeschool' stuff. And the duplicates found in our Berenstain Bear collection. I'm making progress. I'm figuring myself out. I'm making discoveries into my codex caching ways.

Which is why I'm keeping my psychology textbooks.

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