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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Qualifying Quail...

I discovered something I might just develop an slight obsession with while in Carefree, Arizona this past weekend.


They scurried all around the grounds of the resort, chattering amongst themselves and picking through small stones for morsels to gnosh on.

They were adorable.

As we sat out on the patio one afternoon, a large group of them came chattering around.

And then, we got to witness....a quail cat fight.

Let me clarify.

There was no cat.

I just mean that the quail were fighting in the metaphorical sense usually assigned to cats.

My imagery is deep and labyrinthine. Hence the explanation.

From my vantage point, it seemed that a female quail was flirting with one of the male quail when one of the other girls spotted what was going on. She came charging over and, in quail-speak, completely chewed out the quail hussy. And then she chased the hussy. And several of her girlfriends helped her.

And then she came strutting back over to the boyfriend, who, truth be told, looked a little smug.

You know, for a quail.

So I'll probably be hitting Wikipedia to learn all things quail. I want to know what their cute little topknots are called. I want to learn more of their social structure and intrigue.

Because according to my recent observations, quail could make a great reality show.

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