Julie Lyles Carr: A Shirt Tale

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Shirt Tale

shirt tale1
I know better.

I really do.

After almost two decades of parenting, you would think this would be an absolute on my no-no list.

But I did it anyway.

I wore white. On purpose.
And by late afternoon, that white shirt had a tale to tell.

shirt tale2

I think I had been wearing the shirt about 17 minutes when this stain appeared.  We were at a homeschool study group, me trying to keep the twins quiet by stuffing them with cinnamon rolls...because sticky sugar pastries generally calm down my toddlers.

Or not.

After study group, we headed to a chiropractic appointment.  Somewhere on the way, I had a coffee incident.

shirt tale3

And apparently, there was another coffee incident at some point during the day...

shirt tale4

I think.

There was more driving and twin-wrangling and car pools and food prep and cleaning...

shirt tale5

And chocolate.

And apparently some axle grease....

shirt tale5

I'm going to try to bleach it...

So I can wear it again...

Does that make me an optimist?

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