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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Shy, Quiet Type...

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We figured in a clan this size, there was bound to be one shy, quiet one in the bunch.
We figured it might be that one up there in the picture.

We were wrong.

7 of 8 was much quieter and gentler in the womb than her squirrel of a twin brother.  She was Baby A, meaning she was the closest baby to the exit door and she nestled down into her apportioned space and hogged all the milkshakes.

She outweighed her brother by two pounds.

He was busy doing back flips and doing trapeze acts off my ribs.  He was an in-utero athlete.  He burned serious calories.  And does still.

And she just grew to be plump and fluffy.

So at their birth, I figured she would be quiet and he would be a handful.

She emerged.

And started hollering.

He emerged, nursed and conked out until time for his next feeding.

blue camera march'10 002

And while 8 of 8 has definitely lived up to his active pre-birth ways, 7 of 8 has proven to be a sassy handful.

Sunglasses and all.

And a diva.

Let me offer this exhibit...(turn up those speakers extra loud--and be sure and catch the last 15 seconds or so...)

Diva.  Lip-syncing Diva.  The shy, quiet one in the bunch.

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