Julie Lyles Carr: Spring Break What?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring Break What?

How did it get to be Thursday of Spring Break already?

And what happened to our well-intentioned plans to have no plans?

We were going to stay home for Spring Break, take a breather from the hectic pace we've been keeping with my teaching and speaking schedule, 1 of 8's university regimen, Mike's crazy work, 2 of 8's dance, 3 of 8's soccer....

And somehow, it's ended up that 1 of 8 is in California, Mike's been on the road, I'm going on the road, 2 of 8 has a big competition, an away game got scheduled for 3 of 8 and 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of 8 have all ended up with stuff on the calendar.


But I do know what causes this. And I wouldn't change it.

Mike and I made a decision years back that we would allow the kids to follow their passions. We would keep a wild car pool schedule, shuttling various progeny to all manner of lessons and practices and groups. And it's a little nuts.
8 of 8 walking

We're a super-size family acting like a smaller one.

I wonder sometimes if the pace is too much, if the constant driving and running are the right thing. I wonder if the kids will have resentments about the sacrifices and adjustments that are a part of running a larger tribe. I wonder if the extra-curricular chaos is worth the cost.

But then I remember.

I remember that, while, yes, I am raising a family, I'm also raising individuals. Individuals who are each uniquely gifted, uniquely called, uniquely woven. And I'm raising them to one day take flight. Each of them.

So we are a team playing a team sport. But it's all in the training for individuality.

Which means we will do things a little differently.

Including Spring Break.

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