Julie Lyles Carr: Training Day...Or Not....

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Training Day...Or Not....


Let's just say that we are off to a running start.

As in, running training toddlers to potty chairs, running to get training toddlers over tile, running to the laundry room, running the day by a timer set to go off frequently as reminder.

Potty training.


New ground for this veteran mama.

So far, we've learned this: 8 of 8 can rock the Sponge Bob Square Pants underwear look.

Until said Sponge Bob is, ah, training tarnished.

And we've also learned that no princess underwear in heck is enough to convince 7 of 8 that potty training would be a handy skill to master.

And so we begin Day 2.

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