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Friday, April 9, 2010



We arrived back on our street the other day after a long walk to find our little avenue transformed.

It was no longer just a suburban thoroughfare.

It was now a train station.

Once of the precious little toddlers down the street was celebrating a birthday and in honor of this kiddo's fascination with all things trains, Mom had tracked one down.

And the neighborhood kids were invited to come aboard.


It was an unexpected adventure on a sunlit afternoon, the perfect dessert to a day of long walks and playing in the park and ice cream cones.


Sometimes, those adventures seem the best to me.  An impulsive stop at a cafe that ends up having the best potato soup ever.  The chance visit to the small museum that hosts an art exhibition that speaks to you.  Running into a friend while on errands and taking the opportunity for a cup of coffee.

Little bends in the road that make the trip all the sweeter.  And the mystery that when you aren't dragging a lot of expectations along with you, the ride can seem a little lighter.


Like surprise train rides on sunny afternoons.

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