Julie Lyles Carr: Camera Grab

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Camera Grab

I do it to my parents virtually everytime.
They drive in from several hundreds miles from their winter roost on their way to their summer roost.

We spend a couple of days telling stories and laughing and eating.

And then, right as they get ready to jump in the car, I bring it out.

The camera.

I guess I just get distracted in visiting.

Or it could be that 8 of 8 seems to wait to pull out all of his best tricks for when my parents arrive and I'm on a continuous cleaning/scrapping/peeling/de-gunking mission, all the while trying to stay in tune with the conversation.

8 of 8.

His exploits are epic when there is extended family around.

Come to think of it, his exploits are always epic.

So when I pull that camera out, right as my folks are about to hit the road, my mom gently fusses at me for always taking her picture in the middle of a long road trip and my dad sighs and puts up with my shutterbug ways.

And in the end, it always yields a treasure.

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