Julie Lyles Carr: Chameleon Confusion

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Chameleon Confusion

Okay, maybe he is technically a gecko green anole. I just personally like the alliteration of Chameleon Confusion.

And maybe technically this he-gecko green anole is a she.


But this he/she/gecko green anole/chameleon wildlife has certainly chosen a busy place to roost.

Right by my front door.

Where hoards of wild Octamom children enter and exit the house. With dramatic slams of the door.

I think this little guy gets a bit shade-challenged.

He's trying to head to the relative green safety of the shrub below this cedar post. And when the kids came slamming out the door, he was still in Cedar Post Rudy mode. But then he panicked a bit with the kids around and turned green a little, ah, early.

And now he stands out like a citrine green sore thumb.

I think I may have mashed that metaphor a bit. Or a lot.

Just ignore that one.

But I feel for the little guy. Trapped on a cedar post, hoards of wild kids around him, trying to decide what shade will go best with his goals.

Kind of like when I stand frozen in front of the bathroom mirror, a box of Clairol in one hand and a carton of L'Oreal in the other.

Titan or Dark Warm Gold? Sassy Light Auburn or Gentle Ginger?

Frozen on a cedar post.

Turning green

I feel ya, baby.

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