Julie Lyles Carr: Confessions

Friday, April 30, 2010


The package was still sitting on my desk here this morning.



So I'm going to confess it.

I'm going to put the light of day on this thing.

Deep breath.

Here we go.

I have a ridiculous eating obsession with...

...generic brand vanilla creme sandwich cookies.

Yes, the girl who has made her own butter from organic cream and the girl who grinds wheat in her own personal mill to make fresh bread and the girl who loves, loves, loves the finest chocolate and the girl who will only use Saigon cinnamon has this tawdry romance going with generic brand vanilla creme sandwich cookies.

I've learned to resist their clarion call through the years, jogging past the cracker and cookie aisle quickly, not looking their way, not opening the door to temptation. But on a mega-grocery shopping trip this week, I decided to take a package home, just for old times sake.

Okay, two packages.

And they are now worming their way back into my daily nutritional values.

As if they had nutritional value.

Which I'm pretty sure they do not.

And I ate a rather large serving of them last night whilst on the computer.

Rather large.

And thus concludes my cookie confessional. I won't buy them again for a while. I'll jog past the cookie and cracker aisle.

I won't push my luck.

Good thing I brought two packages home.

So spill. I can't be the only one. What's your favorite trash food guilty pleasure? The item wrought with petrochemical byproducts and food coloring? You can tell me. You're safe here.

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